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Capsules with natural extracts of Maca and Palm Sabal for the urogenital system

  • MACA - rich in calcium, iron and B vitamins, they increase stamina and help you recover quickly.
  • CRAPIVA - improves blood circulation and stimulates the release of nitric oxide from the vascular walls, making them relax and expand.
  • SABAL - increases libido, stimulates libido and stimulates the production of collagen in the body.



Natural capsules with natural ingredients to support the cardiovascular system.

  • GINGER - removes cholesterol helps thin the blood, dilate blood vessels and relieve spasm.
  • TAURIN - influences metabolism, actively participates in regeneration and formation of new cells
  • HIBICUS - reduces the tone of the circulatory system and gives a diuretic effect.



Antioxidant capsules to support the pancreas

  • CORE - stimulates receptors in cells so that they begin to respond to insulin more effectively
  • MORINGA- antioxidants in moringa leaves, effectively bind free radicals and remove toxins from the body.
  • GLUCOMANNANN- A coarse fiber plant that removes harmful cholesterol and lowers blood glucose levels.


weight loss

Antioxidant capsules to improve metabolism and weight control

  • CAPSAICIN - significantly accelerates the process of breaking down fat
  • FORSCOLIN - stimulates the production of enzymes that help burn fat cells.
  • COFFEIN - speeds up the metabolism, regulates energy balance and increases activity.



Cream with natural extracts for restoring comfort to joints and muscles

  • CAMPHORA - has local dilation of blood vessels, resulting in a feeling of warmth and lightness
  • ROSMARINE - promotes improvement of blood circulation in the areas of local application.
  • CAPSAICIN - stimulates nerve endings of the skin and improves metabolic processes